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Square Brusels delighted to invite you to participate in the 39th International symposium

The conference will take place from 19 March to 22 March 2019.

The Symposium is going to be located at the Square Brussels Meeting Centre in Brussels, Belgium.

During the meetings of the conference, you can get the latest updates and detailed information about Medical, Health Care, Intensive Care, Emergency Medicine and Emergency Nursing topics.

It is an annual Symposium.

With 6200 expected attendees, the conference is a noted event on Emergency Medicine areas.

The association of the conference is The Belgian Society of Intensive Care Medicine.

When you are in Brussels for the conference, explore these three must visit places and fall in love with the charm of this city:

The exhibition

The accompanying scientific exhibition occupies some 4000 m2 with 127 stalls. Companies from all over the world display the latest

Metabolic and Nutritional Issues in the ICU - 2019

Several recent, important studies have shaken our understanding of various critical aspects of the metabolic response and may

Doctor's Guide to the Internet

Doctor's Guide to the Internet is brought to you by P\S\L Consulting Group Inc., an organization dedicated to providing the information

American College of Emergency Physicians

The College's Office of Public Affairs is the organization's primary point of contact for the news media.


Discover Brussels with Up-to-date information on attractions, restaurants, nightlife, travel tips, blog articles, events, concerts and more.

Brussels has got an image as being the center of the international politics in lots of people's mind and usually nothing more is attributed to this city. However, it only takes a couple of days for this charming city to change this image into an exciting and charming one. Brussels is the crossroad of culture and history that has got a lot to offer the visitors.
The capital of Belgium, Brussels has got 19 boroughs and a population of almost 1.1 million people. These 19 differ in terms of the living style, and this eventually cause the city to be a complete synthesis. The most popular of these are Brussels, Marollen and Elsene as they are the most vibrant ones.

Where is Brussels?

The capital of Belgium, Brussels is located on Senne Valley, which is on the north of the country.

Getting to Brussels

Brussels International Airport is located 11 km northeast of the center and offers a bunch of options to reach the center or vice versa. I would recommend the train, as it is both cheap and runs every 15 minutes.
Brussels has also got another airport, Brussels South Charleroi Airport, which usually hosts budget airlines.

Getting Around in Brussels

Brussels is a perfect city to discover on foot, if the weather is nice enough for you. However, the bus and the metro system cover all parts of the city, too. STIB-MIVB is the official transportation service of Brussels.

Event Tourism in Brussels

The capital of Belgium is a popular destination not only for travel lovers, but also for a lot of people who go there to attend exhibitions, fairs, symposiums, trade shows, congresses and conferences. Every year the city host a great number of event tourists and fascinate them with the natural beauty it has. The expertise of the organizers when combined with the charm of Brussels, the city ends up to be an ideal place for event tourists.

Must do in Brussels

Are you looking for the must try things in Brussels? Well, there are a lot of them but these three must be included in your list for a full Brussels experience.

Discover the Mini Europe

Considering that Brussels is the official capital of the European Union and home to a large number of associations and institutions in Europe, it was inevitable for Brussels to offer a Europe simulation for its visitors, in most realistic way possible.

Explore Cantillon Brewery

Not visiting a Brewery when you are in the heaven of beers in the world would be a mistake. Cantillon Brewery on the other hand, is more than special to be called, "just a brewery".
You may already heard of Cantillon beer since it is worldwide famous. The brewery is the last traditional gueuze/lambic brewery in Brussels and therefore must be included in the list of places to visit if you are into get to know more of the history of beer in Belgium and its importance to the country.

Enjoy the shopping areas in the city

There are some cities in the world that offer a somehow different shopping experience to its visitors. You already know the local souvenirs when you get there or you are told which part of the city to go to get the best deals. Brussels is one of them.
If you want to experience a shopping style which is still popular in Europe, you can try the flea markets in Brussels. Jeu de Balle Flea Market is actually popular in whole Belgium and people living nearby cities travel to Brussels just for the shopping options offered in this market. It is common to encounter some gems that are from different periods in time.

Must visit in Brussels

There are so many things to see and explore in Brussels. Here are the top three places that surely deserve a visit when in Brussels.

Grand Place

Every city in the world has got a famous boulevard or square that reflects the culture of the place. In Brussels, this is the Grand Place. Grand Place, or Grote Markt as it is called by the locals, is one of the oldest squares in the city and it can be referred as the heart of Brussels. The square includes not only some of the most iconic buildings in the city, but also a large number of stores, restaurants and museums, all of which have got a major part in creating the unique atmosphere of Brussels.

The Royal Museums of Fine Art

The Royal Museums of Fine Art in Brussels is among one of the best museums not only in Belgium, but also in the whole Europe. If you are a person who definitely includes a museum on their trips abroad, then this one must be included in your list when you are in Brussels.
The Royal Museums of Fine Art actually has got two different museums. The Museum of Ancient Art is noted for two major things; the first is that it was founded by Napoleon. The second is the exquisite display composed of the works of Flanders.


If you are a type of person who is into checking out more recent landmarks of a city they visit, then Atomium in Brussels is a must for you.
Atomium, which was actually constructed for Expo 58 by the engineer Andrè Waterkeyn and architectures Andrè and Jean Polak, is now one of the most famous attractions in the city for the visitors.

Must taste in Brussels

Indulge yourself with the delicious Belgian bites when you are there. Here are the top 3 mouthwatering suggestions to try when in Brussels.

Mussels and Fries

Mussels and Fries, or Moules-Frites as it is called in Belgium, is one of the most popular dishes that shape the Belgian cuisine. There are rumors about its origin; some say the dish was originated in France (this is also the reason why it is also very popular there) however Belgium proudly presents it as the national dish and it is very likely that you are going to be showered with restaurants that serve some of the most delicious types of the food.


You already know the fame of the Belgian chocolate. The good news is you don't have to pay loads of money for a small bar just the way you do back home, when you are in Brussels. You have the chance different sorts and most probably they'll be the freshest they can get, so indulging yourself with the sweetest shade of browns is a great idea when you are in Brussels.
The history of chocolate dates back to the 17th century in Belgium. That is one of the reasons why chocolate is actually a part of the economy in country, as well as standing as an icon to represent the Belgian culture.


Some people say you can just forget about the mussels and even the chocolate because Belgium is the beer heaven of the planet earth and you shouldn't spend time on filling your stomach with anything but beer when you are visiting the country, especially the capital Brussels.
There are more than 180 active breweries in Belgium today. The most famous Belgian beer types include the Amber ales, Blonde or golden ale, Brown ale, Champagne beers, Dubbel and Flemish Red. Keep in mind that, these are only the most famous ones; it is possible to regard the number of beer types in Belgium as "more than a lot"